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Science Curriculum Statement

At Kensworth, we want our learners to be curious about their environment and phenomena happening all around them. They will show this by asking questions and being able to explore their questioning though hands on experiences which build on their prior knowledge and increasing independence. A great many of the science sessions are practical experiences with connections being made between their understanding and what is observed. These are based in real life contexts, making them motivating and engaging for the children and help to build resilience through challenge.

Pupils will be motivated and given time to develop, practise and apply these skills in order to promote their understanding, powers of reasoning and positive attitudes to learning, further enabling them to increase their aspiration and future choices.

Science is taught in key stage groups (KS1, LKS2 & UKS2) on a two year rolling program, taking into account the mixed year groups and the coverage of the National Curriculum for science. The topic units, for each half term, are well-planned and sequenced sessions that encourage questioning, practical experience and build on prior knowledge and understanding.

Children receive two hours of science teaching to allow for a greater depth of learning and practical experiences to take place.  

End of year assessment/data shows progress and a good level of understanding.
Children are engaged and excited by their science learning and their experiences.
Children will have developed their questioning and reasoning skills through planning and carrying out practical investigations.
Resilience, debate, discussion and communication skills will be developed through collaborative work.