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Our value this term is 'courage' - courage is recognition that life is sometimes difficult and painful, and that it is important that we do not to give up in the face of adversity
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With God by our side, we can move mountains

School Council

Our School Council 2021-22

Our school council wants to help all the children in our school make Kensworth a safe, happy and caring place where everyone tries their hardest to respect and look after each other as well as raising money for causes close to our hearts.


Our Councillors are:

Saplings: represented by Grace

Holly Class: Levi, Tabitha & Oliwier
Oak Class: Lily & Aaliyah
Hornbeam Class: Cillian, Kane & Grace


What we do: 

Pupil Voice: We  are often asked for our opinions about areas of school life, from our learning in different areas, to our views about the school grounds and environment.  If you have any ideas for ways to improve our school, then we can discuss those.

Fundraising: we also like to help other people and together we discuss which charities we should help each year.

If you have ideas about which charities we should support, please share your ideas with us.


​If you have anything you would like the School Council to discuss, you need to talk to your class councillors who can note it down and bring to the next meeting!


Last year, School Council raised lots of money for good causes and the children selected the charities that they felt most passionate about.
We raised money for Royal British Legion (Poppy Appeal), Children in Need and CHUMS. Our fundraising for CHUMS broke our fundraising record! We found baking cakes and wearing bright clothes was a hit with both children and parents. 

We were also very passionate about how we could help our planet, by recycling, reducing waste and developing everyone's knowledge on sustainability. We were joined by Anglian Water who taught us about water and how to reduce waste, as well as a recycling company who taught us how items are recycled once we put them in the recycling bin. As well this, we implemented as much recycling as possible with paper/plastic bins in every class as well as a school battery box and eco-monitors in each class to turn off lights or electric items that we didn't need.
​We think we did a great job!


Healthy Eating

Last year, our councillors encouraged their peers to make healthy choices to support our healthy snack initiative in school.
The councillors decided this was an important topic to highlight in school to encourage healthy choices in and out of school. All the children were given a food diary and asked to draw or write about their healthy meals or snacks. When completed the children were presented with a backpack of their choice.
The school council created the posters, led an assembly to encourage everyone to take part and presented the backpacks to every child that completed their diary.


Last term our lunch time providers came in to school to discuss the menu choices.
Our councillors were excellent at speaking to their fellow classmates and recording any feedback both positive and negative to Hobbs. This was invaluable to Hobbs as they used the information to adapt the current menu choices.
As a thank you, each councillor received a chocolate cookie and drink!

PTA support

Our councillors work closely with the PTA and have met to discuss further improvements to our school.
This year the school council looked at new colours and designs for Key Stage 2 toilets and held votes in each class.
Last year, we helped pick new playground equipment for Key Stage 2 and shared some excellent reasoning as to which would be better suited for our children. (See photographs below)