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Our school value this half term is courage.
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Bikeability training 
'We had a great week delivering Bikeability at Kensworth. 
The kids were a pleasure to teach and made really good progress.  The staff were supportive on our sessions and they had a lovely rapport with the children. 
We were made to feel really welcome and the week flew by. '

Thanks for letting me visit today, it was very informative and enjoyable, I felt very safe with COVID arrangements securely in place.

School is looking great, all the classrooms are bright and interesting and the outside areas are stunning. The children are so lucky to have fabulous equipment and the development of Forest school is a real positive. 
Email to Mrs Bates from the Chair of the Regional  Hub Board 


Dear Mrs Giddings,
Thank you for such a fabulous induction and for the care and attention that’s been delivered with ensuring the children, and particularly XXX- have had such a special and memorable first few days!
He’s nothing short of proud, excited and boastful of his new school, in particular he speaks so highly of both you and Mrs Bunion and all of your efforts.
I’ve been shown this evening how to make Pizza backs, marshmallows and a fire and I honestly couldn’t be happier. My heart feels so full knowing that he’s coming into such a warm and caring environment everyday!!
Saplings (Pre School) Parent


Its been a few weeks since the start of the new term and I would like to thank you all for your hard work at Kensworth Academy.  The school looks good, the pupils settled and happy.  The school hall is still being sorted but well done for the imaginative ways around this. My grand child comes home full of the days discoveries and we have been educated on saving water and how to recycle properly.  The rejigging of classes/teachers whilst not ideal is working, which was a concern.   As always staff are available to discuss any problems which is reassuring. Full marks for providing an extended afterschool club which is really useful for myself and working parents. After the last few years of uncertainty the school has a really positive vibe about it. Congratulations
Y5 Grand Parent


To staff
This morning at our regular drop in session we had a delightful visit of school children from Kensworth C of E Academy.  We were holding a fund raising morning for the school and their attendance made it special, with them chatting to everyone and joining in.  I must congratulate the children on their behaviour and good manners, we raised in excess of £320 this morning with still more to come in.  All this money will go to the PTA to be spent on the school.  It would be great if this could happen on a regular basis.  Well done  
(community email)

To Mrs Harrison
I attended the Harvest assembly on Friday 11th November 2019. I thoroughly enjoyed the service and felt the performance of the Enormous Turnip was extremely polished and well performed. The children sung the songs beautifully. It was one of the best assemblies I’ve been to.


I’ve been extremely pleased with school’s efforts to ensure wrap around care for the school children. My children love the breakfast and after school clubs, especially the cookery club. They are now disappointed if they miss one. It’s made a big difference to a working parent.
​Y3&Y5 parent

I feel Kensworth school has created a very happy and safe environment for my daughter. She loves school and is doing really well academically. My daughter feels very safe and secure and the environment is very nurturing. I highly recommend Kensworth School.
Pre-school and Y3 parent

I would like to comment on the lovely atmosphere in the school when I come in to do weekly reading with years 4 &5.  The children all seem to be happy and enjoy reading to me.  I am greeted with a lot of smiles and "please can I come and read".  It is a joy to come in every week and help out with such happy and polite children.

My children are well supported and well understood by the staff at Kensworth School. The PTA have worked with the school on some fantastic changes to the school environment which have enriched the children’s lives. I highly recommend the school to other parents. It is a bright, safe and friendly place.
​Y3&Y4 parent

Kensworth School is like a big family to my children and they have loved going there.  The school is nurturing, staff are very friendly and it provides a complete learning experience from pre-school through to year 6.  My eldest has just left for secondary school and really misses the caring staff and pupils with whom he had made many friendships.  He loved the personalised learning and being stretched and challenged in his learning.  My other child enjoys being there and has many friends and benefits from the many opportunities provided by the school and the excellent teaching.

Good afternoon
Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff involved in the residential trip and to thank them for making it so enjoyable for all the children. xxxx had a fantastic time and has not stopped talking about it. They are really hoping they can go back again next year.
Parent of a child who attended CYE Trip November 2019

Since the academy took over and particularly this year, I feel the school has made tremendous efforts to introduce more innovative and creative ideas in the curriculum and learning. Continuing work in the classroom is essential but seeing the children involved in activities outside the schoolroom is equally of the utmost importance. A few of the activities organised this year include working with the community, a trip to Whipsnade, participating in organised athletic activities with other schools, the CYE residential trip which was outstanding and organising outside visitors to come in and discuss important topics like water usage which was pertinent to some of the themed topics in the curriculum. Being in a small village school, it is essential the children are given opportunities to develop different skills and be exposed to something beyond village life, especially as high school will be an enormous and daunting step for many of the children. In my opinion, Kensworth School is attempting to prepare the children for this important transition. And for any future parent considering a new school, l would thoroughly recommend Kensworth.

I just wanted to say a big thanks to all the staff for the brilliant Christmas activities held in the schol last term.  I know it took a lot of hard work, but the children and parents really enjoyed them, especially "It's a Baby".


The Kensworth preschool teaching team really care, nurture and encourage your children. My daughter is so excited to go to preschool and can't wait to tell me all about the exciting things she's learnt and done when I pick her up, and to me that says it all. Watching her grow in confidence makes me so proud and I can't thank the preschool team enough for everything they do for my little girl.
Preschool Parent

Thanks for allowing parents/carers into the classroom last week to participate in the school lesson. It was a great opportunity for me to see first hand how the children work together and for me to learn something new.
Year 5 Carer