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Our value this term is 'courage' - courage is recognition that life is sometimes difficult and painful, and that it is important that we do not to give up in the face of adversity
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Return to School - September 2020

Kensworth Rainbow Curriculum


Return to Kensworth CE Academy September 2020
Kensworth’s ‘Rainbow Curriculum’

As we open our school to all year groups and classes at the beginning of the Autumn term, we are very aware of the wide range of experiences, feelings, fears and anxieties that will have affected and may continue to affect our whole school community, families – parents and children, and our staff, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We fully recognise that as we welcome back the children, after such a long period out of the classroom for very many of our pupils, that there is an important and vital need to take time to rebuild a sense of safety, and belonging, relationships with peers and staff, and to begin to find ways to understand and process what has been happening.

At Kensworth CE Academy, we believe that, first and foremost, we must prioritise the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of all our learners. This is key to enabling our learners to begin to access more formal learning across the curriculum.

Kensworth CE Academy’s ‘Rainbow-curriculum’ for the re-integration to school of all our learners, follows guidelines and advice built on research around recovery following trauma.

Knowledge – knowledge of what has happened and recognising that each experience has been different. To know how we can use our shared experiences to help each other.
Engaging – engage in our learning within our classroom environment, having fun, being creative, working together.
Nurturing - to feel safe, valued and have a sense of belonging.
Supportive – to share and express our feelings, to show empathy and compassion to each other.
Wellbeing – to develop strategies to understand self-care and wellbeing. To enable every individual to realise his or her own potential.
Opportunities – opportunities to reflect, to talk and listen, to learn, to celebrate success.
Relationships – build trust and relationships in school and our wider community. Developing our social skills, re-creating the bonds we have with each other.
Time – allow time and space to reconnect, engage and build resilience to engage in learning.
Hope – recognise and acknowledge what has happened in order to look forward and have hope for a better future, as the leaders of tomorrow.
These key areas will underpin the planning and implementation of our curriculum, continuing to meet the needs of all our learners, using a breadth of learning experiences at Kensworth CE Academy, including a focus on fun, active and outdoor learning; calming, reflective activities; social times developing meaningful communication.

Teaching and Learning plan for Kensworth’s return September 2020

Different drop off and pick up zones, staggered break and lunch times, as previously communicated to parents and staff.

Week 1 wb 7th September 2020
EYFS and Y1 return MONDAY 7th
Y2 and all KS2 return TUESDAY 8th
Jigsaw SEMH reintegration document to be used, following and addressing the Kensworth ‘Rainbow curriculum’ above, and as appropriate to meet the needs of our children.
As well as the above document, the whole school will be using ‘Here We Are’ book and planning notes, to support our transition curriculum as well as offering reading and writing opportunities.
Future Games – PE and French to begin, as timetabled.
RWI assessments to take place by Class teachers, Daily speed sounds sessions/games - see SC for information/advice.
Identify children for Intervention groups. Letters to go home by end of week.
Nurture: planning week.

Week 2 wb 14th September 2020
English (whole school focus).
Maths activities – T to assess
Introduce ‘Theme’, RE and Science topics.
Continue with Jigsaw SEMH focus.
Future Games – PE and French.
Nurture and intervention groups begin.
Week 3 wb 21st September 2020
Re-introduce full curriculum including RWI/English and Maths.
PIRA and PUMA assessments carried out. Use previous year group’s Summer assessment.
Future Games – PE and French
Nurture and intervention groups.

Week 4 wb 28th September 2020
Full curriculum implemented. Nurture and intervention groups.