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Our value this term is 'courage' - courage is recognition that life is sometimes difficult and painful, and that it is important that we do not to give up in the face of adversity
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Home Learning

Our Reward and Learning Platform

Class Dojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.

For any home learning queries please contact the class teacher via Class Dojo.

For all non - learning queries please contact the office.
PLEASE NOTE:  Kensworth CE Academy takes NO responsibility  for any charges incurred, if parents sign up to additional features on Class Dojo.  

Kensworth CE Academy uses ONLY the FREE features/aspects of Class Dojo.

We use Class Dojo to promote positive behaviour and values shown throughout the school day, as well as a home-school communication system.
We encourage positive skills and values, like perseverance, resilience, friendship and teamwork as well as academic achievements in lessons.
We rely on Class Dojo to communicate with families: instantly sharing messages, updates, events, and photographs from class. More recently, we have also introduced the use of Class Dojo for homework.

Class Dojo is a free app that connects teachers with students and parents to build classroom communities. It’s simple, secure, and gives you a window into their school day! Classes can be shared with other teachers and school leaders, within the school, so that learning and achievements can be shared.

School Story*

School Story is where we will share collective worship and whole school events or news for all families from Saplings to Hornbeam.
​This private feed is viewable by the parents and pupils, through both parent and pupil accounts.

Class Story* 

Class teachers use Class Story to share photos or videos of wonderful classroom moments, whole class/year group homework, share news and upcoming events. This allows families to feel even more connected to their child's learning, that is happening in the classroom.

*Comments under posts in school and class stories are visible to all. Queries or requests for support with any problems should be addressed to the teacher using the messaging service or through emailing or telephoning the school office.
The school reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments from posts if necessary.


This is a digital portfolio that allows teachers to set individual homework or activities, for pupils. Pupils can complete or add to their portfolio using Chromebooks, laptops, and iOS/Android devices,  from home. Teachers view and approve children's work on Portfolios. Once approved, only parent accounts connected to their child can see those particular posts and both parents and teachers can leave positive feedback in the form of a like and/or a comment.


Messaging allows parents/cares to communicate with staff. Available on the internet and iOS/Android devices, it allows you to send messages, photos, stickers, and voice notes  (without giving out your phone number).

Messages should be directly related to teaching and learning, all other messages must go to the school office via email or phone call.


New parents will be invited to register for Class Dojo.  A link will be sent to your contact email address.  By accepting the link and registering with Class Dojo you are consenting to your child's information being shared between you and the school on this platform.

During these unprecedented times, we are also using Class Dojo as our home learning platform, in which, work will be set by the class teacher and the work can then be directly sent back to the class teacher, for feedback. There is also a secure messaging system in place where parents can connect with teachers privately with work related issues.



School Story

School Story will continue to share collective worships and whole school information or support for families during lockdown. This may include, tutorials to access/use Dojo from home, well being activities for adults and children as well as any 'drop-in' sessions or contact information to seek further support, if needed.

Class Story

Teachers will use Class Story to:

  • Post a weekly timetable
  • Record tutorial lessons (maximum 8 minute upload feature)
  • Set activities and challenges
  • Share links to learning sites or video clips, to encourage and engage pupils to practice their skills and learn new skills and knowledge 
  • Read the class story each day
  • Celebrate children's work at the end of the each week.


Portfolios will be used by teachers, to set individual or group work for children. This ensures children with individual targets are accessing learning that is appropriate and catered to their needs and ability. Children who work in different groups for lessons e.g. Read Write Inc and Science (mixed age groups) will also have work set through their portfolio.

Parents and pupils will use portfolios to upload the work set by class teachers, as well as upload any further learning they have undertaken at home, for example: playing a musical instrument, baking, telling the teacher about their day etc. Portfolio allows children to take ownership of their work, they can share their work by either recording audio/visual, using the writing tool, doodle tool and/or uploading a file or photo.